Virus Vũ Hán ,ảnh hưởng cả thế giới.

Chinatown ở Anh vắng như chùa bà Đanh
Chệt học được bài học mà khg bao giờ bỏ được nơi cộng cộng
-Khạc nhổ bừa bải 
-Ăn nói ồn ào,phun nước miếng ,tiểu tiện tự do
-Chen lấn để được phục vụ trước (bây giờ nó không dám chen lấn trước phòng cách ly nữa)

London’s Chinatown stands eerily deserted as thousands of revellers keep their distance from the tourist spot as coronavirus panic sweeps the UK
The normally-busy streets - decorated with hanging lanterns - are almost empty after Britain’s ninth confirmed case of the virus, a woman who travelled from China, became the first in London
Latest surveys found that 14 per cent of Britons said they would avoid contact with people of Chinese origin or appearance due to coronavirus fears. Pictured: The streets remained almost empty as strings of lanterns hung between buildings in London's Chinatown
Pavements were almost bare and seats remained unfilled as public anxiety about the disease - that originated in Wuhan, China - grows
With streets of the central-London venue usually fit to burst with visitors looking to sample the variety of restaurants or browse the Chinese- run supermarkets, last night painted a stark picture
Britain's ninth case was diagnosed on Wednesday. The victim, a woman, is currently being treated for the illness at Guy's and St Thomas' hospital in south London. Pictured: The streets of London's Chinatown saw almost no footfall yesterday amid wide-spread coronavirus fears
More than 64,000 infections have now been confirmed and over 1,300 people have died. Almost all the cases and deaths remain in China

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