Westminster, CA Citizens Launch Initiative to Recall Mayor and Two Council Members



This is the official Westminster-United website for the Recall of Westminster Mayor Tri Ta and Council Members Kimberly Ho and Chi Charlie Nguyen.

All three have repeatedly put selfish ambition, greed, and gang-like unethical behavior above reason, compassion and logic.  They operate as if they are above the law, overseeing a City Council accused of misdeeds, nepotism, and favoritism which has cost taxpayers millions of dollars in discrimination, retaliation, and other lawsuits. Mayor Tri Ta has repeatedly operated like a dictator, misusing our city police to pressure local businesses and punish political enemies. 

For a listing of over 20 issues and ethical violations, click here: Reasons for Recall.

As a result the city’s troubles have grown in visual blight, vacant businesses, reduced police force, multiple employee and police lawsuits, vagrant encampments in our parks, and financial struggles that forced a tax increase.

We seek a Recall to replace them with critical thinking, servant leadership and effective management. 

Westminster-United is just that – a citizens group united for better city government. Like Westminster, we are culturally diverse and are bi-partisan. The recall isn’t about political parties or ethnic divisions. This is about coming together to save our city, creating a stronger bond among all residents, and rising up together to implement an ethical Mayor and City Council that puts the City first instead of their own selfish ambitions.


  1. NOTICE OF INTENT TO RECALL. This first step is done!  
  2. COMMUNITY HELP: We will sending you information regarding community meetings, fun fundraising events, etc. And we can really use your help volunteering to collect signatures.
  3. SIGNATURES: We need our volunteers to help us collect 8,736 signatures from registered voters in Westminster.  (That is over 20% of our voting residents.) We will train you!
  4. VOTE: During election please Vote to Recall Mayor Tri Ta and Council Members Kimberly Ho and Charlie Nguyen. The Ballot will also include your opportunity to vote for their replacement candidates.


Please donate to Westminster-United. We need your support to help spread the word! 


If you are not a registered voter or need to verify/update your registration, click here: Orange County Registrar of Voters

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